19 Case Study Interview Questions That Will Capture Your Client’s Story


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Nothing is more important than asking the right questions when you’re conducting a case study interview. If you don’t collect detailed information, your story will fall flat.

You’ll be stuck filling it with fluff because you used up all the juicy stuff in the first three sentences. To avoid this situation, you need to ask great questions . . . and push for great answers.

Ideally, you should end up with at least twice as much material to draw on (we’re talking word count) than you can fit into your case study. The more you have to play with, the more you can whittle away the boring stuff and craft a compelling story.

So, what case study interview questions should you ask?

Here are the ones I use every time I do a case study interview. I always add a few more as I think of them at the time, but this is the framework I use that guarantees I’ll always have all the info I need to write a great case study.

Case Study Interview Questions:

  1. What is your name, the name of your company, and your position there?
  2. Can you give me a high-level overview of your company, including your industry, company history, locations, products, and who your customers are?
  3. What specific challenges in your business or industry made you look for a solution? Do you have any metrics which help explain the extent of the problem you were experiencing?
  4. Did you have a previous solution that could no longer meet your company’s needs? If so, how did your needs change?
  5. What criteria would the new solution have to meet?
  6. How did you search for a solution to your problem?
  7. Were there any other solutions you considered but rejected?
  8. How did you discover our product/service? How did you hear about us?
  9. What did you find most attractive about our company and/or solution? Why did you choose us over our competitors?
  10. What measurements or factors were important to you during your selection process?
  11. How was our product/service implemented? How long did it take?
  12. Did you encounter any challenges implementing our solution, and how quickly/easily did we help you fix these?
  13. Were your expectations met/exceeded during the implementation?
  14. How well has our product/service solved the problem you were experiencing?
  15. What specific results have you seen from implementing our solution? (i.e. cost savings, time savings, sales growth, profit improvements, market share improvements, increased competitive advantage, ROI, awards, etc.)
  16. Were there any other areas of your company that benefited from our solution
  17. Can you think of any specific examples of where we went the extra mile for you and can you describe what that means to you in terms of benefits gained or money saved?
  18. Were there any unexpected benefits you received from implementing our product/service?
  19. What would you say to other companies who are considering working with us?

Would you like your own free copy of these case study interview questions that you can download and keep so you can use them anytime you like?

If you do, I’ve created a PDF file you can download here from Google Drive. Feel free to save it, print it, and use it when you interview clients for your own case studies.

But if you don’t have time to create your own case studies, or don’t know the process, or would rather just hire a professional to take care of the whole thing, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

I’ve created case studies for a whole range of businesses that help them generate leads, increase sales, prove their value, and build authority. If you need help, jump over to my contact page, fill out the form and we’ll organize a time to have an obligation-free chat.

Also, check out my article 7 Reasons Why Case Studies Make Great Marketing Tools for more great tips on putting case studies to work for your business.

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